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Our Approach

My Philosophy

My first priority in life is to touch as many lives as I possibly can. To always seek to be a better version of myself by constantly challenging myself. To always be persistent and dedicated to my goals. To believe in me when no one else does and to prove the naysayers wrong.

Our Story

My Story

Life for Yanique was never an easy one growing up, the road wasn't paved, instead, she had to jump through hoops, climb mountains and overcome many obstacles to get to where she is at now. A graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica and Kaplan University, USA. She studied her BSc in Information Technology with a major in Enterprise Computing and completed her Masters in Business Administration. Yanique has a passion for technology and has always vowed to someday start her own business therefor she complemented her Bsc with an MBA.

Yanique has been working in the field of IT as a System Administrator for the past 8 years. Her major in college was software development and design but that didn't stop her from accepting a job in Infrastructure where she has done an amazing job.

Yanique started one of her dream business in 2015, Adept Inventions where she is not only profiting from the business but also fulfilling her philanthropist desire by helping other Jamaicans to find work. Yanique is committed to the development of everyone around her and is dedicated to helping others reach their potential.

Family and friends mean a lot to her. Yanique is a wife to George Dynott, a hard working dedicated man.

Next Steps...

Contact me today for motivational speeches, graphics designing, and voluntary services or if you would like to work with me.