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There are many questions that are usually asked about who Yanique is, this page seeks to focus on some of those. As questions come in, I will answer them here.

Yanique's Educational Background

Masters in Business Administration at Kaplan University.

Bachelors of Science in Information technology with major in Enterprise Computing.

Certification of Completion in Graphics Designing

How many years of experience does Yanique have?

Yanique has been working as a System Administrator for the past 8 years.

Does Yanique have any children?

No, Yanique has not given birth as yet but has raised her brother who is now 17 since he was 2 years old, she considers him her son.

What Mentorship Experience does Yanique have?

Yanique is always mentoring, she has gone through a lot and even though just 30, she is able to share her experience and knowledge with younger male and females who are looking to turn their lives around. She has however completed mentorship with Yute Mentorship and is looking to embark on many other opportunities.

What is it about Yanique that gravitate others to her?

Her persona, she does not judge and she complete believe that not everyone has lived the same life so everyone will not act the same way. She is often told that she is fun to be around and a great listener.