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As we prepare for our trip to India, there is a lot of pre-work that is involved. One of which is the creation of a team logo, a team motto and a team name for our cohort. This task was thrown out and a volunteer was asked for. I knew for sure that this was something that I could most definitely lead and so, I volunteered myself to take the lead on this project. This was my expertise and I was determined to make my mark on this one. Taking leadership on a task as never been a problem for me because I consider myself a natural leader and I am also great at being a team player. That coupled with my ability to design a killer logo, I decided why not give it a shot!

I did some brainstorming and created a concept and shared in our group to get their suggestions. Another team member Jennifer from Chile, saw it fit to create a 1 hr session that can be used to brainstorm and make changes, and we quickly agreed. That’s what teamwork is for.

We asked for suggestions for a team motto, we got approximately six, which we all voted on. The vote was definitely not unanimous, but we all decided that whichever motto had the most vote that’s what we will work with. As they provided suggestions, I made the changes so that they all could see while screen sharing. We wanted to play on a letter, and the letter “I” was chosen. We wanted it to have a great ring to it. So “INSPIRED IN INDIA” it was and from there, our team name derived “Team “I3″.  So we had a Motto, we had a team name and we also needed a slogan. What else was more fitting than “Together we can make an IMPACT” after all, that’s what we are going there to do? Make an IMPACT.

We all settled on that and everyone absolutely loved the concept of incorporating the participating countries and having the core country in the middle. This is a design concept I have used in the past but when this task was assigned, it fit right into it. I included the hands in the background to show that we are the helping hands and we are committed to helping these small businesses and government agencies to take their business to a higher level.

Some of the feedback on the final product:

  • Wow, this is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Great great great job! – Marcello 
  • This looks amazing! Thanks, everyone! – Heidi 
  • Looks amazing!  Great work everyone! Logo – Awesome! Motto – Awesome! Hashtag – #Awesome! – Grant
  • Fantastic! – Natalie
  • I really like this logo, very clean with the team name inside of it. – William
  • I really like this as well.  Great job everyone! – Brenda
  • Yanique you did an excellent Job, I think this represents all of us I’m proud because we achieved together with our first group task. Congratulations everyone! – Jennifer
  • Looks great Yanique! Thanks for stepping up! – Jason
  • Awesome job Yanique! I gotta say, I did not envy your job on the call with so many opinions and some nitpicking (me included). I think the finished product speaks for itself. Thanks for leading the design effort – Aaron

I guess its safe to say that I got their approval! Stay tuned for more update about my trip to India and how I will be making an IMPACT 🙂




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