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The day I met Les Brown

I am a strong believer that nothing in my life is by chance but that it is ordained by God to happen. Les Brown is one of my role models, I listen to his words and apply it to my own life, where it fits. He is an amazing man and his stories are an inspiration because I too, grew up poor. He is an example to many individuals who have been or is going through a rough time but believes that there is no way out. That is why I love him!

I heard he was coming to Jamaica for a “Be Inspire” conference, I was so excited that I quickly inquired about it. However, I later found out that it was the very same day as my upcoming workshop. This made me very sad because while I wanted to go and listen to Les Brown, I also had a business to run and didn’t want to cancel my workshop because of that. I figured there would be other opportunities for me to see him in the future.

But, as God would have it, on the day before the workshop I had to cancel because enough persons did not register. I have never been more excited to not have many registrations for my workshop, usually, I am very saddened by it. However, this time around I was excited because this meant I could attend the conference. I immediately tried to buy a ticket online and was faced with more disappointment, as the conference had sold out completely.

However, all was not lost. My Lord knew this is something I wanted to attend so late Friday night I got a call from the president of the Caribbean Optimist club, Calvin Hunter. He told me he needed some business cards for the conference and if I could get him some in the morning. I then said to him, do you have any free tickets to give me so I could attend because I really want to meet Les Brown. He said yes, I could come and work as a volunteer for the day and that would give me entry to the conference. I was so super excited and relief! I told him yes, I will be there. It didn’t matter how much work I would have to do as long as I was there.

On the day of the conference, I was placed on the outside to work, far away from the conference. I could not see anything. I was not pleased but I knew I was there as a volunteer so I did what I was assigned. I then had to go and do an exam, however, on my return I was placed on the inside of the conference. I was so thrilled!!! This meant that I got the opportunity to see the presenters and be inspired.

When it was time for Les Brown to speak, I stood attentively, I almost forgot I was on duty. After all, the man I admire was on stage talking, all was on pause. I listened to his words and like always I was inspired. At the end of the conference, I really wanted to meet him and shake his hand but that was not possible as he was guarded and quickly shushed off backstage. I told myself that if it was meant to be it would be, I, however, spoke to the other speakers that were available and went my merry way.

On the Monday after the conference I had a flight out to Miami, as I stood in line, there he was right in front of me, about to board the same flight as I was. I contemplated if I should speak to him or not because he was up in the first-class line and I was at the end of coach line. I thought to myself, this must really be meant to be, God wanted me to meet him and has given me a second chance at it. How could I blow it, that would be like telling my God thanks, but no thank you. When I got on that plane, where he was in the first row of first class, this was my opportunity to say hi to the great Les Brown and so, I did. I stopped, shook his hand, asked him for a picture and we spoke for about two minutes. He asked me for my business card and told me he would reach out. Well, of course, his reaching out was in the form of promotion for an upcoming workshop but to God be the glory! I met him, I snapped a pic with him, I spoke with him.

What I learned from this is that you should never be afraid, the answer can either be, Yes or No and if it’s a no, that’s part of life, just move on!

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