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Over the years I have designed logos for businesses, and they thanked me because their business transformed. They became more successful. Whether you are just starting your business or have been around for a while, there is a need for not just a logo, but a logo that speaks to your business. There are several reasons why businesses should focus on getting a good logo for their business, below I will outline a few:

A great logo makes for a great impression.

In today’s era of social media, especially Instagram, its all about branding and images. When a customer goes on your page and they do not see a logo, they tend to think it’s not a real business. Think about some of the Giants in the business, such as Amazon, their logo is on all their shipping boxes, Microsoft, their logo is on all their products. Your logo makes customers feel like they can trust you. The goal is to always make a good first impression.

Attract New customers

When you go shopping, there are some items that pop out simply because of their logo. That might be the first thing that draws you near until you read about the product. Well, that’s what a good logo does. Your customers see a lot of logos daily, but they know a good logo when they see one. This helps them to decide when looking to choose a business for services or a product, whether they choose yours over the competition.


A good logo makes your business appear professional, it makes customers know that’s its not just some kids up the block looking to do business but people with good business sense.

Always remember that your business sends a message to current and prospective customers every time it is seen. Your logo should emanate all the things your business represents.

If you need a redesign of your logo or a completely new logo for your business, please contact me at evirtualjob@gmail.com or my website at www.evirtualjobs.com

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